VILLA EUGÉNIE the premier special events company offers to international brands its unique creative consultancy and production expertise.

After 30 years of existence and offices set in Brussels, New York and Paris, Etienne Russo founder and creative director of v/e expanded the presence of the brand to Milan where a new office opened in June 2022.


We create impact

In the past 30 years, v/e has nurtured emotional impact as its distinctive trademark, invoking powerful images and sensations to create outstanding theatrics that transcend reality, transporting the audience into dream worlds where grace, poetry and imagination correspond.

We magnify visions

Orchestrating visuals, sounds, light and matter into compelling narratives, v/e works as an echo chamber for brands and designers, using storytelling to magnify their vision and amplify their influence through creative masterstrokes.

we craft experiences

Famously winning its stripes for designing breathtaking fashion shows, v/e has been extending its keen sense of stagecraft to other formats such as experimental digital projects and abiding space settings like retail spaces, hotel venues, special events or museum scenography.

We tailor details

Creative mastery is only as good as production skills allow it to be. To ensure that the true potential of a concept is revealed, v/e gives emphasis to craftsmanship, attention to detail and split-second precision.

We know no limit

All hands on deck, quick off the mark. v/e is known to exceed expectations, the consequence of a collective and obsessive quest for self-improvement, always pushing the brief to bring the project into uncharted lands.

We cultivate relationships

Because the success of any given project relies on engagement and trust, v/e cultivates bespoke customer relations with efficiency, reactivity and flexibility as fundamentals.

We make sense

Creating impact without impacting our world is the challenge v/e has taken on, fully dedicated to the exploration of sustainable practices, safe materials and responsible processes.